perjantai 24. heinäkuuta 2009

Amerikkalainen nainen

Viikon nainen voi olla myös mies, ainakin Lenny Kravitz kappaleellaan American woman.

Laulun on tosin alunperin levyttänyt kanadalainen bändi, The Guess Who. Tuolloin elettiin vuotta 1970.

Kappale ei ole sovinistinen, kuten yleensä luullaan. Bändin basisti kertoo sanoituksesta seuraavaa: The popular misconception was that it was a chauvinistic tune, which was anything but the case. The fact was, we came from a very strait-laced, conservative, laid-back country, and all of a sudden, there we were in Chicago, Detroit, New York — all these horrendously large places with their big city problems. After that one particularly grinding tour, it was just a real treat to go home and see the girls we had grown up with. Also, the war was going on, and that was terribly unpopular. We didn't have a draft system in Canada, and we were grateful for that. A lot of people called it [sic] anti-American, but it wasn't really. We weren't anti-anything. John Lennon once said that the meanings of all songs come after they are recorded. Someone else has to interpret them.

Alkuperäinen versio täällä.

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